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We are the Miller family, located in central Ohio, living in a beautiful country setting. Here at Superior Rottweilers, we own and operate a small hobby size kennel of Rottweilers. Our passion is to provide you with a healthy, happy and well socialized puppy, along with a great experience in the adoption of your new friend. With our commitment to a great experience for our clients, we stay in contact with you in the years foreword, providing support in your adoption.

At Superior Rottweilers, we have a personal connection to all of our adult dogs, providing them with daily socialization. Having very gentle tempermants, all of our adults are trustworthy, obedient, family oriented dogs, which leads to very social, playfull puppies for you. Our females are checked to be top physical health prior to each mating assurance your puppy will also be in good health to start his new life in this world. Starting the puppies on a wet food at the age of five weeks, we gradually switch them to dry food, monitoring their intake, and making sure they are gaining properly. At the age of six weeks, the puppies are gradually weaned off of mom, so they are ready for the transition to their new home two weeks later. At seven weeks, each of our puppies get a physical exam done by our liscenced veterinarian, which we will provide you the documentation with at the time of adoption. If anything other than in perfect health is seen, we will make you aware before adoption. At the age of eight weeks, each puppy has had a minimum of three vaccines, and a minumum three different dewormers for parasite control.

All of our our adults are AKC registered, which makes that all of our puppies are AKC registered. Every puppy comes with unlimited registration, which means you will have ability to mate he or she, if you prefer to do so, without any limitations.

A 1 Year Genetic, and 2 Week Health Guarantee, is provided with each puppy, along with the Physical Exam paper, assuring you are getting a healthy, happy canine friend. With that, you will receive a starter pack of the puppy food he or she was eating. Also providing you with a “My New Puppy” guide, Fortical and a Synbiotic. The Fortical is a high calorie gel nutritional supplement, to help those first few days, if the puppy slows eating due to the change. The Synbiotic is also a gel, which is to be given at any time the puppy sees some stress, to help keep her immune system in top shape. Our puppies always receive a Synbiotic prior to departing for their new home, along with any time of change he or she should experience.

The food your puppy was eating is Loyal Life, made by Nutrena, which is a super premium puppy food. Providing our puppies with a quality food is important to us, for the little puppies need extra nutrition young in life for proper growth and development. Loyal Life has a puppy food, along with different options of adult food when he or she grows into adult stage. Being available at you local Tractor Supply or Rural King store also makes it convenient for you to purchase it. At the time of adoption, we always have bags available for you to purchase.

So to adopt or reserve your next Rottweiler puppy, please give us a call at 330-600-8795, and we would love to talk.

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